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300-60000m3/h.crossflow paper electric heat exchanger

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- Cross flow heat exchanger 
- Direct air to air energy exchange 
- Anti-bacterial fibrous paper material 
- High efficiency

300-60000m3/h.crossflow paper electric heat exchanger

Crossflow total Heat Exchanger ---- ERC series

electric heat exchanger

Model: ERC-160/260 to ERC-400/200

Suitable airflow: 300-60000 m3/h


- Air to air crossflow heat exchanger

- Ideal for residential and commercial application.

- Sensible and latent heat recovery, efficiency up to 80%

- Anti mould and anti flaming

- Various size and optional length


Product Specification of   300-60000m3/h.crossflow paper electric heat exchanger

Please note that our model construct by heat exchanger profile size, optional length and optional corrugation (plate) spacing, for example ERC-163/163-200-2.5 means profile size is 163*163mm,height is 200mm and spacing 2.5mm.

electric heat exchanger



About Fibrous paper

Electric heat exchanger is made of fibrious paper which is featured by high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance. The clearance between the fibers is very small, so only the moisture molecules of small diameter can go through, the odor molecules of larger diameter are unable to pass through it. By this means, the temperature and humidity can be recovered smoothly, and prevent the pollutants infiltrating to the fresh air.

electric heat exchanger



Pattern 1 and 2, to increase the heat exchange area, suitable for occasions requiring higher heat recovery efficiency,
however, air resistance will increase accordingly.


Pattern 3 and 4, to increase the front face area, suitable for occasions requiring large airflow, both air resistance and

heat recovery efficiency remain stable.


Pattern 5, to increase both front face area and heat exchange area, suitable occasions requiring higher heat recovery
efficiency and large airflow.

electric heat exchanger



Installed in air handling unit

Holtop plate heat exchanger can be used in the air handling unit (AHU) as a main part of the heat recovery section, and the bypass can be built in when required.

electric heat exchanger



Installed in ducts

It can also be installed in the ducts of ventilation system as a main part of the heat recovery section. The installation is very flexible.

electric heat exchanger


Packaging & Shipping


  electric heat exchanger

Company Information


AIR-ERV Factory

AIR-ERV is one of the best manufacturer in ERV/HRV, heat exchanger and AHU area in China, founded in 1996, areas covered more than 30,000 square meters, we have enthalpy testing lab. for products test. As a leader in energy/heat recovery equipments, we cooperate with more than 30 famous companies who located in Europe, the Middle east, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc. supplied equipment to Shanghai finance trade building and Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center
, works together with domestic and international brands like Midea,Shenling,Daikin etc.




AIR-ERV partner

AIR-ERV cooperate with world famous brand or offer OEM service including Media,Shenling,Daikin, etc.



AIR-ERV certificate

AIR-ERV products stand for TOP quality in heat recovery ventilation filed in China, certificated by CE, ISO and other different approved tests like anti-flaming test, anti-mold test, energy saving product test. Etc.

 electric heat exchanger electric heat exchanger electric heat exchanger electric heat exchanger

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