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Home fresh air recuperator Heat exchangers

Home fresh air recuperator Heat exchangers exchange air and recuperator heat internally,provide fresh air and comfortable temperature.

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Aluminium plate air heat exchanger

The ERA air heat exchanger core is major made of antiseptic hydrophilic aluminium foil, also have epoxy coating aluminium foil to choose from, the ERA do not have secondarypollution, but with fastthermal conductivity, and high heat efficiency. The frame is made of galvanized sheet.

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Erc Cross Flow Air Heat Exchanger Core

ERC Cross Flow Heat Exchanger core adopt cross flow air exchange,also called Paper Heat Recovery Ventilator Core.

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Fire Resistant Counterflow Heat Exchanger Air Heater

This Counterflow Heat Exchanger core can be used for Air Heating.It is Fire Resistant.

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Low price counterflow air exchanger core supplier

Air-ERV is a top Low price counterflow air exchanger core supplier in China.

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ERV/HRV Ventilator Air to air exchanger

We supply ERV/HRV Ventilator Air to air exchanger. Product Description Are you finding a ERV/HRV Ventilator Air to air exchanger? Look at our counterflow air to air heat exchanger to see what features and advantages we have -made of anti-corrosive hydrophilic aluminum foil and galvanized sheet framework,with long service life. -Five layer curring,corrugated undercut,the air tightness up to 99.9%. -Counterflow,two airstreams never come into direct contact,avoid any transfer of smell and moistrure. -No running parts,with strong reliability -Can be directly clean with water or neutral detergent, easy to use and simple maintenance.   ************************************************************************************************************ If you are insteresting in our ERV/HRV Ventilator Air to air exchanger,click here to contact with Jenny Yang. ************************************************************************************************************ &nbs...

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