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Air to air heat recovery ventilator units

This Air to air heat recovery ventilator units built-in sensible heat exchanger core,with high efficiency heat recovery function via air to air exchange.

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Aluminum counter flow heat exchanger

The ERB Series Heat Exchanger air to air Core is made ofanti-corrosive hydrophilic aluminum foil and galvanized sheet framework, process by special technology, with high heat transfer efficiency, also easy to maintain and have long service life, etc.

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Cabinet heat cooling system Air air heat exchangers

HEU-C Series Cabinet Ventilator is specially designed for industrial cabinets and communication cabinets, in order to eliminate the heat which produced during the electronic equipment (PLC, converter machine, relay, driving system, telecom module) working

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counter-flow air heat exchanger for telecom cabinet

HEU-S Series Base Station cabinet air exchaner system is specially design for mobile, telecom stations or computer room, etc, mainly used to eliminate the heat in the base station. The outdoor cold air after the purification, directly introduce into the equipment, then exchange the heat with exhaust air through the sensible heat recovery unit, expel heat from the equipment.

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heat exchange Fresh air heat exchanger core

This type of heat exchanger have two paper enthalpy exchanger core in it ,one high qulity AC motor,three layers of filters. It is  is commonly used in the building,hotel,office,restaurant,apartment and , entertainment area...ect.

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Cross flow air cooled heat exchanger factory

This air cooled heat exchanger adopt cross flow air exchange,It is factory sales. 

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Energy Saving Air Heat recovery Exchanger

This  Heat recovery Exchanger is designed for Energy Saving and air exchange. 

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cross flow Energy Saving Air Heat Exchanger core

This cross flow Heat Exchanger core can be used to Energy Saving  and air exchange.

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Home Air Heat Exchanger parts manufacture

Air-ERV is the top manufacture of Home Air Heat Exchanger parts in China.

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