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Wholesale cost heat recovery ventilation systems

Detail of exchanger core:    Wholesale cost heat recovery ventilation systems  Descriptions: This Wholesale cost heat recovery ventilation core is made of high quality hydrophilic coating aluminium foil and galvanized sheet cover,with higher corrosion resistance and high transfer rate.This is part of heat recovery ventilation. Workping principle: When fresh air and exhaust air pass through the heating exchanged core, fresh air got the energy from the exhaust air ,so as to achieve energy efficiency .   Features: 1.Convex circle Convex and concave air channel,ensure the strength and tightness of heat exchanger core,could bear high pressure. 2.Spiral wave The surface of heat recovery systemcore was processed with spiral wave heat transfer enhancement techniques,increased the 10% heat transfer area. 3.Double folding process  Cross air chanel,double folding process of the face side edges,which is equal to 5 times maaterial thickness,ensure the hi...

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