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high quality air ventilation roof air ventilator/energy recovery ventilation

KRV series heat recovering system also called energy recovery ventilation system, with cross flow paper core.  They have standard airflow from 200-16,000m3/h. which use for remove stale indoor air and replace it with fresh, clean air from outdoors with an Air-to-Air paper heat exchanger core. This ventilation system not only help to improve indoor air quality, provide an economical solution for excessive indoor humidity, odors and other indoor air pollutants, it also helps reduce save energy.

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Resident air heat exchanger/air ventilator for energy recovery and heat exchange

HVAC equipment H series heat recovery unit  is bulit with high efficient  heat exchanger core and AC fan,though the exchange of indoor and outdoor air.The unit not only can provide new air and comfortable temperature to indoor,but also recover energy and save power.

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House Mini High Quality Ultra-quiet Air Ventilators

A simple Mini high quality Air ventilators exchange the air from indoor and outdoor through 24 hours, keeping fresh air flow in whole house.It is  Ultra-quiet .

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