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Air to air Recuperator for ventilation system

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We supply air to air Recuperator for ventilation system.

Product Description

Are you finding a air to air Recuperator for ventilation system?

Have a look at our Air to air Recuperator for ventilation system,to see what features and advantages we have.

Features and advantages:

-made of fireproof and antibacterial fibrous paper:keep the room satety and comfortable

-made of ABS framework:make the heat recovery core durable

-air to air exchange:two air streams never come into direct contact,to avoid the transfer of any smell and moisture.

-Resistance is low:can lessen the damage of ventilation.


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What benefits can you get from our heat air to air Recuperator for ventilation system?

1.5 years life promised,while other manufacture's life can only last 1~2 years.Buy ours 1 equals others 2.

2.70% above heat recovery efficency is able to reach.Help to save more power.

Every cook praises his own broth.However whether the broth is really delicious or not depend on the evaluate

of his customers.

Our heat recovery ventilation core gain high repution from our customers all over the world such as German Daikin,


Air to air Recuperator

Model: ERC-160/260 to ERC-400/200

Suitable airflow: 300-60000 m3/h


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Product Specification of Air to air Recuperator

Please note that our model construct by heat exchanger profile size, optional length and optional corrugation (plate) spacing, for example ERC-163/163-200-2.5 means profile size is 163*163mm,height is 200mm and spacing 2.5mm.

Air to air Recuperator

About Fibrous paper

Electric heat exchanger is made of fibrious paper which is featured by high moisture permeability, good air tightness, excellent tear resistance, and aging resistance. The clearance between the fibers is very small, so only the moisture molecules of small diameter can go through, the odor molecules of larger diameter are unable to pass through it. By this means, the temperature and humidity can be recovered smoothly, and prevent the pollutants infiltrating to the fresh air.

Air to air Recuperator

Air to air Recuperator


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Packaging & Shipping


We care about all the details in the product process. As aluminum has the soft character to cause the easy deformation, we focus on the safe packing in different transportation way.

Full container PVC bag + strong carton (pallet for option)
LCL PVC bag + special strong carton + pallet
By air / courier PVC bag + carboard inserted in carton + special strong carton


Air to air Recuperator


If you are insteresting in our heat recovery ventilator core(HRV),click here to contact with Jenny Yang.


Company Information


AIR-ERV Factory

AIR-ERV is one of the best manufacturer in ERV/HRV core, heat exchanger,air ventilator,ventilation system and Air handling unit(AHU) area in China, founded in 1996, areas covered more than 30,000 square meters, we have enthalpy testing lab. for products test. As a leader in energy/heat recovery equipments, we cooperate with more than 30 famous companies who located in Europe, the Middle east, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc. supplied equipment to Shanghai finance trade building and Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center
Air to air RecuperatorAir to air Recuperator

AIR-ERV partner

AIR-ERV cooperate with world famous brand or offer OEM service including Media,Shenling,Daikin, etc.

 Air to air Recuperator

AIR-ERV certificate

AIR-ERV products stand for TOP quality in heat recovery ventilation filed in China, certificated by CE, ISO and other different approved tests like anti-flaming test, anti-mold test, energy saving product test. Etc.

 Air to air RecuperatorAir to air RecuperatorAir to air RecuperatorAir to air Recuperator


Our Services

1. AIR-ERV can supply OEM service for customers.

2. Produce ERV/HRV, heat exchanger according to customer's special demands.

3. Supply spare parts according to order quantity.

4. General testing and operational test carried out for every units before delivery.

5. Long warranty period.


What's the difference between sensible heat exchanger and total heat exchanger?

1.Sensible heat exchanger is made of Aluminium foil,total heat exchanger is made of paper.
2.Sensible heat exchanger only exchange heat,total heat exchanger can exchange both heat and humidity.
3.Sensible heat exchanger has longer life and higher pressure-resistance than total total exchanger.
Because the paper heat exchanger are easy to be corroded by the water and dust in the air.The vent of 
total heat exchanger is easy to be blocked and hard to be cleaned.This will lead to bad ventilated effect.

Welcome to visit our air to air Recuperator for ventilation system.

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