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Counterflow Air to air plate heat exchanger

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Detail of air heat exchanger:Counterflow Air to air plate heat exchanger

Product Description

The ERB Series Heat Exchanger air to air Core is made ofanti-corrosive hydrophilic aluminum foil and galvanized sheet framework, process by special technology, with high heat transfer efficiency, also easy to maintain and have long service life, etc.

 Plate heat exchanger

Features of Counterflow Air to air plate heat exchanger

1. Adopted high quality corrosion resistant hydrophilic aluminum foil as heat conductor, processed by special techniques, highefficiency, easy to maintain, and long service life, etc.

2. No running components and low maintenance cost.

3. Compact structure, small volume and suitable for various occasions

 Plate heat exchanger

ERB Working principle:

The ERB is Counter flow and sensible heat exchanger. Two air streams arepassed though the separate air channel and exchanged the energy. This design not only improvesthe heat transfer area, but also recovery the energy efficient.

 Plate heat exchanger

Material type of Counterflow Air to air plate heat exchanger

Normal series (standard type)

Heat exchanger is made of pure aluminum foils, with galvanized end cover and aluminium alloy wrap angle. Max. air temperature 100°C, it is suitable for most of the occasion. 

Blue coating series ( Anti-corrosion type)

Heat exchanger is made of pure aluminum foils cover by special anti-corrosion material, with galvanized end cover and aluminium alloy wrap angle. it is suitable for the corrosive gas occasion.

Epoxy series (high temperature type)

Heat exchanger is made of epoxy aluminum foils, with galvanized end cover and aluminium alloy wrap angle. Sealing material is special and allow the Max. air temperature to be 200°C, it is suitable for special high temperature occasion. 


ERB Applied range:

The ERB air to air heat exchanger core is the major part of cabinet or base station ventilation, for air volumes up to 5000 m3/h,The heat exchanger controlled the ventilation, recover the heat energy in winter and cold energy in summer, not only save the energy but also give station for fresh air, ensure the normal 

 Plate heat exchanger

Packaging & Shipping

We care about all the details in the product process.

♦ Packing
1. Dust Proof Film + Anti-collision Foam + 5 Layer Cartons + Ply-wooded Case (For LCL only, no need fumigation).
2. Customized packing is available.
3. We are always working hard on the most reliable packing in order to help you get the Perfect products.

As Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit has the soft character to cause the easy deformation, we focus on the safe packing in different transportation way.

Full container

PVC bag + strong carton (pallet for option)


PVC bag + special strong carton + pallet

By air / courier

PVC bag + carboard inserted in carton + special strong carton


 Plate heat exchanger


Company Information

AIRERV Factory

AIRERV  is one of the best manufacturer in ERV/HRV, heat exchanger and AHU area in China, founded in 1996, areas covered more than 30,000 square meters, turnover of 2012 is 42 million dollars, we have enthalpy testing lab. for products test. As a leader in energy/heat recovery equipments, we cooperate with more than 30 famous companies who located in Europe, the Middle east, Korea, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, etc. supplied equipment to Beijing Olympic and Shanghai Expo 2010, works together with domestic and international brands like Midea, Daikin,Shenling, etc.

AIRERV partner

AIR-ERV cooperate with world famous brand or offer OEM service including Midea,Shenling,Daikin, etc.


AIRERV certificate

AIR-ERV products stand for TOP quality in heat recovery ventilation filed in China, certificated by CE, Eurovent, ISO and other different approved tests like anti-flaming test, anti-mold test, energy saving product test. Etc.

Plate heat exchangerPlate heat exchangerPlate heat exchangerPlate heat exchanger

Our Services

1. AIR-ERV can supply OEM service for customers.

2. Produce ERV/HRV, heat exchanger according to customer's special demands.

3. Supply spare parts according to order quantity.

4. General testing and operational test carried out for every units before delivery.

5. Long warranty period.


What's the difference between sensible heat exchanger and total heat exchanger?
1.Sensible heat exchanger is made of Aluminium foil,total heat exchanger is made of paper.
2.Sensible heat exchanger only exchange heat,total heat exchanger can exchange both heat and humidity.
3.Sensible heat exchanger has longer life and higher pressure-resistance than total total exchanger.
   Because the paper heat exchanger are easy to be corroded by the water and dust in the air.The vent of 
   total heat exchanger is easy to be blocked and hard to be cleaned.This will lead to bad ventilated effect.

Welcome to our Plate heat exchanger.

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