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New design for CAIR pool series recuperator air
Weger Air Solutions has supplied new air-handling and dehumidification equipment for Kennet Leisure Centre in Berkshire The replacement was made necessary by the high levels of moisture and chemicals in the air taking their inevitable toll on the previous equipment.
The Weger unit is rated at 7.28 m3/s and has a duplex heat recuperator that was carefully selected to achieve an efficiency of 96.5% at design conditions and recover 296 kW of heat.
The unit was supplied partly in sections and in flat-pack components that could pass through an opening of 2.5 x 1 m. Assembly on site took only three days to meet a very tight project programme.
The comprehensive controls package enables the equipment to work from 100% fresh air to 100% recirculation. Design conditions are a pool-hall temperature of 30°C and an RH of 60%, as recommended by the English Sports Council.
With its new GEA CAIR pool series, GEA Heat Exchangers replaces its former CAIR fricostar swimming pool climate control models by products with new internal configuration and more efficient components. 
The new engineering design of the dehumidification equipment results in significantly reduced suscepxibility to corrosion, and reduces the danger of emission of pollutants into swimming pools.
For new pools as well as for modernization of existing swimming facilities, operators with the GEA CAIR pool series will profit from power consumpxion that is 40 per cent less than conventional equipment.
This gain in efficiency is the result of improvements in GEA CAIR pool that include EC fans, inverter-controlled compressors, electronic expansion valves, and a new control strategy.
With regard to various application and installation situation, GEA CAIR pool, for heat recovery, offers multi-stage recuperators, Power Tubes, and the liquid-coupled heat exchanger. These multi-stage recuperators satisfy the requirements of Energy Efficiency Class H1.
The Power Tubes represent especially space-saving heat recovery technology that can be particularly interesting in cases of replacement investment. The liquid-coupled heat exchanger system enables effective heat recovery, even in cases of separate installation of supply- and extract-air units.
The comfort functions of heating or cooling are available as opxions. If requested, it is likewise possible to enable using the units to heat pool water or domestic/building water.
With 13 model sizes, the series covers the requirement spectrum beginning with private swimming pools, including wellness facilities and hotel pools, and extending to public indoor pools and leisure centers.
GEA CAIR pool units are accordingly available with maximum air flow of 800 m³/h for the smallest model, up to approx. 36,000 m³/h for the largest unit.
GEA CAIR pool models conform with the hygienic directives VDI 6022 and the future regulations placed on passive buildings. Three corrosion-protection classes are available for selection: for drinking water, for brine with salt-water content up to six per cent, and for thermal water in wellness pools.
To simplify installation of the equipment in existing buildings, the new GEA CAIR pool models allow breaking down the recuperator unit and re-assembling it in parts.

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