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The heat or energy recovery unit(ERU) offers an unprecedented level of control and intelligence
Adding to its already extensive ventilation offering, Fläkt Woods has launched eCO PREMIUM, a revolutionary new energy recovery unit that incorporates the latest air movement technology and intuitive controllability.

eCO PREMIUM has been specifically developed to assist schools meet increasingly stringent government guidelines, whilst cutting costs too. In fact, the unit is capable of recovering 85 per cent of the thermal energy, making it a highly efficient solution for schools. 

The heat, or energy recovery unit (ERU), also offers an unprecedented level of control and intelligence, for example, when specified with sensors, eCO PREMIUM can automatically adjust to changing demands within a room. 

A presence detector will switch the system on when the room is occupied and subsequently off again when it’s empxy, and impressively, an internal CO2 sensor can even adjust the air supply proportionally to the number of people in the room. 

The ERU is also available in different air flow capacities, from 0.2–0.9 m³/s, and is remarkably quiet at only 20dBa – offering wider flexibility when specifying the right sized product and choosing the installation location.

David Black at Fläkt Woods explains; “eCO PREMIUM offers great energy saving potential for the education sector, and a lucrative opportunity for installers. By using waste heat from the outgoing air, energy bills can be greatly reduced and can achieve substantial carbon reductions, especially for premises with multiple buildings.”

Crucially, eCO PREMIUM is the ideal solution for the education sector in particular, where the pressure on ensuring student and teaching staff wellbeing has heightened. 

The unit extracts moist, stale air from inside the property and replacing it with fresh air from outside. It then utilises the heat from the outgoing air to essentially warm the incoming air. This means there is a constant flow of clean, fresh outside air being circulated within the building, improving indoor air quality, sustaining comfortable levels of warmth and reducing the levels of CO2 present.

Black adds; “When the new ERU range is incorporated into a building’s design and combined with other measures such as glazing upgrades, cavity wall insulation or heating system improvements, energy consumpxion and carbon reduction will see a notable improvement.”

Furthermore, British Standard BS EN 13779 provides four classifications of indoor air quality that non-residential buildings should achieve. eCO PREMIUM units all feature F7 supply filters to ensure they achieves a 'moderate air quality' rating, unlike competitor products that typically use G4 filters and can only result in air quality that below the ‘low’ category.

And so, the message for installers and specifiers is clear; selecting an energy recovery unit is a cost-effective, highly efficient solution when refurbishing existing systems, and most certainly should be considered from the outset for new build projects.

Fläkt Woods develops, manufactures and distributes ventilation and air climate products.
The project emphasizes Reach's goals of providing a comprehensive model of affordable living, in close proximity to light rail, community amenities and economic growth hubs.

Orchards at Orenco is a three-phase development with rents affordable to residents earning approximately 50 percent of area Median Family Income (MFI), or approximately $30,000 for a single-person household. Rental rates for the one- and two-bedroom units range from $611 to $733 per month.

Residents will also see savings on their energy bills, achieving nearly 90 percent energy reduction for heating and 60 to 70 percent for overall energy use as compared to a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design-certified building. Key innovative features include triple-paned windows, a heat recovery system and a super-insulated building envelope.

And on a hot day, the building “walked the talk,” so to speak, with apartment units hovering at a comfortable 74 degrees (without air-conditioning), while temperatures outside soared above 90 degrees.

"Stable, quality housing makes a big difference in the lives of low-income residents trying to get ahead," said Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-Oregon), one of several elected officials at the grand opening event. Bonamici is a member of the Congressional Caucus on Homelessness.

State Rep. Joe Gallegos (D-Hillsboro) recalled his childhood, when his family moved to a different home every fall after working in the farm fields. He attended 10 different schools as a child.

“This is more than affordable housing,” Gallegos said. “This is a keystone for progress. We all know how critical stable housing is for (a child’s) education.”

The Orchards recently won the Portland Business Journal’s Better Bricks Sustainable Project of the Year award for its commitment to green technology and energy efficiency.

“It’s a perfect attribute to the city of Hillsboro,” said Mayor Jerry Willey.HILLSBORO TRIBUNE PHOTO: KATHY FULLER - Hillsboro Mayor Jerry Willey called the Orchards at Orenco 'a perfect attribute' to the city.

Reach has already broken ground on phase 2, a 58-unit building adjacent to phase 1. A third phase will be townhomes.

"This development is an outstanding achievement for Reach and our team," said Reach CEO Dan Valliere.

"Between the energy efficiency of the building and its close proximity to transportation in a high job growth region, we expect our residents to benefit significantly from living at Orchards.”

The development team included Walsh Construction Co.; Ankrom Moisan Architects; William Wilson Architects; Housing Development Center; Green Hammer, Inc.; Housing Authority of Washington County; and Passive House Institute of the United States.

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