Advantages and Features of paper enthalpy heat exchanger from Xiamen AIR-E

1). Made of special fibrous paper with high moisture permeability, good air tightness, anti-rends, aging resistance, anti-mildew etc.

2). Frame is ABS, good-looking, not easy to break, long service time,pro-environment, good air tightness, ensure the intensity and tightness of structure, reduce back flow.

3). Rectangular channel, reasonable plate distance, less interior brace, small on way resistance, less air loss, ensure the max heat exchange core area to achieve max efficiency.

4). Module structure, provide different size combination of edges and plate thickness.

5). No moving parts, low maintenance cost, compact structure, small size, suitable for various occasions.

6). Can use the vacuum cleaner purify the dust and foreign bodies on the devices, easy to use and maintenance.

The ERC heat exchanger core is made of antiseptic and antibacterial fibrous paper, which are high moisture permeability,anti-rends, anti-mildew;

its ABS framework is strong, pro-environment and long service time;

the cover plate is made of galvanized sheet with plastic or webbing handle.

The ERC heat exchanger core is used for energy recovery ventilator(ERV), the air flow can up to 30,000 m3/h, include the household and commercial ventilations. There is humidity and heat transmission when two airs with different temperatures and humidity cross through heat exchange core , fresh air and exhaust air channels are completely separated to avoids any smell and moisture transfer, temperature is transferred from hotter (colder) side to colder(hotter) side and and humidity is transferred from the larger(smaller) side to smaller(larger)side to recovery the heat and energy.

Post time: Mar-10-2021