Advantages and Features of aluminum sensible heat exchanger from Xiamen AIR-ERV

1). Environmental Protection - all materials are conform to ROHS/REACH requirements and national standards, they are pro-environment.

2). Professional design - have own design software to satisfy various working conditions, output report with specification and provide the best selection.

3). High Quality Configuration - adopts high quality heat exchange materials and plates with strong corrosion resistance and good formability.

4). Customized - airflow direction, size, shape, specification etc. can be customized according to different industries and provide the best solution.

5). High energy saving efficiency - enhance molded plate to increase heat exchange efficiency, it has passed the inspection of National Air Conditioning Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and has been selected into the catalogue of energy saving technology products in Fujian Province.

6). High air tightness - five layer edges with ripple bite process to make sure the air leakage rate is ≤ 5‰, according to needs also have waterproof technology and 100% testing before delivering to ensure no any leakage.

7). Reliable operation - module structure, no running components, easy to use and low maintenance cost.

8). High pressure bearing - convex and concave air channel to ensure the strength and tightness of heat exchange core , according to needs also have welding process to achieve much higher pressure.

9). Independent R&D technology with patents- frame connection using slots without screws and other fasteners and ensure reliable connection, installation is very fast and convenient, the product does not have any convex parts and looks beautiful.

10). Wide applied Range - can be used for air conditioning system, fresh air system, data center, wind power, electronics industry, communication base station, food processing, animal husbandry, packaging industry, printing industry, drying industry, bio-pharmaceutical, machinery industry, environmental protection&energy saving, new energy etc.

Post time: Mar-10-2021