Why we need ventilation system?

The sealing of modern buildings is getting better and better, which leads to the difficult circulation of indoor and outdoor air. For a long time, it will seriously affect the indoor air quality, especially indoor harmful gases cannot be eliminated, such as the formaldehyde and benzene, viruses and bacteria etc. will have a serious impact on the people’s health.


In addition, if people live in such a relatively sealed environment, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the room will be quite high after a long time, which will also make people feel uncomfortable, causing nausea, headaches etc. In severe cases, premature aging and heart disease may even occur. Therefore, air quality is very important to us, and the most direct and effective way to improve indoor air quality is ventilation, which is also an important way to improve the living environment and improve quality of life.


The five basic functions of the ventilation system enable users to enjoy quality life and breathe fresh air freely.

1. Ventilation function, it is the most basic function, it can provide fresh air 24 hours a day , 365 days a year, continuously providing fresh air for indoors, you can enjoy the nature fresh air without opening windows, and meet the health needs of the human body.

2. Heat recovery function, which exchanges energy between outdoor and indoor air, polluted air is discharged, but its heat and energy remains indoors. In this way, the entered fresh outdoor air is instantly close to the indoor temperature, so people can experience a comfortable and healthy air, it’s also energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Against haze weather function, inside HEPA filter can effectively filter dust, soot and PM2.5 etc. to provide clean and healthy air to indoors.

4. Reduce noise pollution function, people do not endure the disturbance caused by opening windows, making the room quieter and more comfortable.

5. Safe and convenient, even if there is no one at home, it can automatically supply fresh air to avoid property and personal safety hazards caused by opening windows.

Post time: Jun-09-2022